Dizziness is a common and often distressing symptom experienced by many people at various points in their lives. While it can be unsettling, understanding the underlying causes of dizziness can help in addressing and managing this condition effectively. Dr Dominic Paviour is a consultant neurologist who regularly helps patients with neurologically-linked dizziness. We’re exploring this in more depth below. 

Neurological Disorders Causing Dizziness

Neurological disorders are sometimes found to be one of the causes of dizziness. These conditions impact the brain and neurological system and require Conditions affecting the brain, such as migraines, multiple sclerosis, and stroke, can manifest as dizziness or vertigo.


Migraine-associated vertigo, also known as vestibular migraines, is characterised by dizziness and balance problems that occur with or without headache pain. Managing this type of migraine often involves a combination of medications and lifestyle modifications.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. Dizziness and balance problems are common symptoms of MS. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms and slowing disease progression through medication and therapy.

Anxiety and Stress

Psychological factors such as anxiety and stress can also be causes of dizziness. Hyperventilation, panic attacks, and chronic anxiety can lead to feelings of lightheadedness and imbalance.

Managing Anxiety-Related Dizziness

Techniques such as deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) can help manage anxiety-related dizziness. In some cases, medication may also be prescribed.

When to Seek Professional Help

While occasional dizziness is often harmless, persistent or severe dizziness warrants a consultation with a specialist. If you experience recurrent episodes of dizziness, it is essential to seek medical advice to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment. If you experience any other symptoms which occur alongside your dizziness you should definitely contact your GP for further investigation. 

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