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Dr Dominic Paviour


Dr Paviour assesses and manages people with a broad range of neurological symptoms and disorders including:

  • Headache (migraine, tension type etc.)
  • Dizziness
  • Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of movement
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) and inflammation of the nervous system
  • Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
  • Dementia and Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Peripheral nerve and muscle disorders

Contact Dr Paviour on:
020 7042 1850

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Private Practice Locations

Dr Paviour’s private practice locations are:


Monday evening

Parkside Hospital

020 8971 8026


Thursday afternoon

HCA Sydney Street

020 3733 9623 or 020 7730 8298


Thursday am and Friday pm

One Welbeck

020 3653 2009


Thursday morning (Alternate)

Parkside Hospital

020 8971 8026


Friday afternoon (alternate)

The London Clinic 

020 7935 4444

About Neurology

A neurologist is a medically qualified doctor dealing with disorders of the nervous system. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease that involve the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems.

Neurologists also manage conditions that affect the coverings of the brain (the meninges), the blood supply of the nervous system and muscles (as these are controlled by the nervous system).

Medicolegal Practice

Dr Paviour has more than five years’ experience of neurological medicolegal practice. Dr Paviour prepares reports for the Court (both Claimant and Defendant – 60/40 split) relating to Civil, Criminal and Clinical negligence cases. Dr Paviour prepares between 30-40 reports annually.

Dr Paviour has had sample reports independently assessed for quality by instructing lawyers via the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. For preliminary fee-free discussions regarding medico-legal instructions please email info@drpaviour.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my consultation involve?

During the consultation, Dr Paviour will enquire about the nature of the main symptoms you experience. He will review any previous medical problems you may have had and enquire about current and past medical treatments. Dr Paviour may enquire about any conditions that run in the family. You will have a physical examination which will focus on the functioning of the nervous system and this will probably mean testing muscle strength and coordination, sensation and balance, vision and eye movements, as well as speech, language function and higher mental functions where appropriate. This will help to determine what the problem is and what part of the nervous system it affects.

What will happen after the initial consultation?

Towards the end of the consultation, Dr Paviour will explain what he feels the problem may be and if there are other possibilities that need to be considered. Investigations including imaging studies such as an MRI or CT scan, electrical tests of the nervous system and sometimes blood tests may be required, and Dr Paviour will explain this. These will be organised by Dr Paviour and undertaken at a site that suits you, usually within a few days so that the results are available quickly.

Will I need to see Dr Paviour again for the test results?

Not necessarily. Dr Paviour is usually happy to inform you of any results by secure email if it is expected that the results are likely to be normal and if, for example, your symptoms have resolved and there is an established diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not clear, as may well be the case, it is more likely that a follow up appointment will be required.

I have medical insurance, will I have to pay any additional charges?

It is likely that your provider will cover the costs of the consultation and any reasonable investigations requested. However, some policies and cover may require that you contribute some of the costs yourself and this is something that you ought to check with the provider in advance of the consultation.

I don’t have insurance, can Dr Paviour still see me and how much will it cost?

Yes, Dr Paviour will still be able to see you. Information regarding fees for initial and follow up consultations can be found on the Fees and Invoicing (link please) and Competition and Marketing Authority Disclosure pages of the site.

Can I see Dr Paviour on the NHS after a private consultation?

Yes you can, however your GP will need to refer you, and unless Dr Paviour feels that there is a clinical need for you to be seen again urgently or have any investigations undertaken urgently, you will need to wait for a second appointment or for any tests. If Dr Paviour feels that there is an urgent need to be seen again or investigated, he will ensure that all of this is arranged and in all likelihood, will speak to your GP practice in person to organise whatever is necessary.

Information for Patients

Dr Paviour will discuss important aspects of your condition and treatment in clinic and this information will, if you wish, be sent to the referring clinician (often your GP) and you will also receive a copy. If you would rather you or your GP are not copied in on any letters, then please advise Dr Paviour or his practice manager.

Often, it can be difficult to cover in detail everything you may need to know during a consultation, but Dr Paviour will cover the most important aspects of a diagnosis and treatment. Further helpful information can be found the following sections of this site and if you think that there are conditions or questions that are not covered, then please let Dr Paviour know.

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Fees and Invoicing

Dr Paviour’s PA can discuss the costs of a consultation so that you are aware of these in advance. Dr Paviour can also advise you of the approximate costs of any investigations that are required prior to you going ahead with them.

Dr Paviour’s NHS practice is at the Atkinson Morley Regional Neurosciences Centre, part of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in South West London.

Dr Dominic Paviour - Consultant Neurologist


Head Practice Manager:
Kjai Kanone



Head Practice Manager
Kjai Kanone



Tel: 020 7042 1850

Fax: 020 7042 1851


Tel: 020 7042 1850
Fax: 020 7042 1851