Fees and Invoicing


Dr Paviour’s PA can discuss the costs of a consultation so that you are aware of these in advance. Dr Paviour can also advise you of the approximate costs of any investigations that are required prior to you going ahead with them.

Dr Paviour’s fee may be fully reimbursed by your insurance company in which case the full amount will in all probability be collected directly from your insurer.

However different insurance companies may provide different levels of cover.

The charges for consultation, investigation and treatment may be fully covered if you are on an appropriate insurance scale without specific exclusions. You should confirm this with your insurance company and if possible obtain a pre-authorisation number.

Should your policy have an “excess” you will be responsible for that proportion of the final account.

If there be a shortfall in the reimbursement of consultant fees you are responsible for that shortfall. An explanation regarding this (produced by the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations) is available here and it covers the situation in more detail.

Dr Paviour may also suggest investigations (blood tests or scans) and it is difficult to predict these in advance. Normally, your insurance company should meet these costs but any shortfalls are again your responsibility.

If you have any questions, please call your provider and my practice manager to discuss prior to consultation.

Please contact Dr Paviour’s PA to schedule an appointment


Insured patients

Dr Paviour is registered with the major providers of private healthcare cover and uses electronic billing where possible for your convenience.

Provider numbers are listed below

AXA/PPP DP02391 www.axappphealthcare.co.uk

BUPA 04546931

AVIVA 600070330 

WPA 920438812 

Simply Health do not use provider numbers

PruHealth 4546931 

Self funding patients

Dr Paviour is happy to see patients who wish to fund the consultation themselves either with a referral letter from their GP or as a “self referral”.

Self funding patients can contact Dr Paviour’s PA for advice on approximate costs of a consultation and subsequent tests that may be advised.

Dr Paviour is registered with Paypal for an easy, convenient, safe and secure way to pay using any currency.


We except credit card payments, please call:

0207 0421 850

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