Dr Paviour is a consultant neurologist London patients can visit at one of his regular clinics. He provides advice and guidance to patients with various neurological conditions and symptoms. He also works closely with many high-regarded neurosurgical colleagues in London. This ensures patients who need referral can quickly access the best care and treatment even when other professionals are involved. Dr Paviour’s clinics run regularly at locations across London. He can ensure patients can easily access the necessary treatments and begin their journey towards diagnosis and treatment.

Attending Dr Paviour’s Neurology Clinic

Your neurology clinic appointment is a chance to discuss any symptoms or concerns you’ve been having. Common reasons for seeking the advice of a neurologist include symptoms such as unmanageable headaches, transient loss of consciousness, regular bouts of dizziness or memory loss problems. At the clinic appointment, Dr Paviour will discuss your main symptoms. He will also discuss any previous medical problems and your medical history. Patients may also share their family medical history to rule out any hereditary or genetic conditions.

Each clinic appointment also includes a physical examination based upon neurological symptoms and functions. It will involve tests of coordination, muscle strength, vision and eye movements. It may also speech and language function. Furthermore, Dr Paviour will tailor your appointment to your symptoms and needs.

Diagnostic Testing for Neurological Conditions

There are some common neurological diagnostic tests that patients may have. Dr Paviour may arrange these tests at your clinic appointment. However, they do not usually take place during this appointment. The team recognises the need to act quickly and alleviate stress and worry. The team arranges all testing as quickly as possible at a time which is suitable for all patients and flexible to their needs. Common tests include:

  • CAT Scan
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Electromyography
  • Nerve conduction velocity
  • Myelogram
  • Neurosonography

These are just some of the tests which may be necessary. Of course, not all patients require all tests either. Dr Paviour also ensures patients are given all the necessary information before agreeing to any testing. Previous patient testimonials show how comfortable and relaxed they feel at clinic appointments. The environment is safe and ideal for even the most nervous patients. You have the opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns and have any difficult questions answered too.

Appointments with Dr Paviour: Neurologist London

Dr Paviour has regular clinics across London at different locations. Appointments run most days of the week at a range of times, so most people should be able to book in at a time that suits their schedule. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us by clicking here.