Dominic Paviour: Neurologist Harley Street London

Few places in the UK have the medical reputation of Harley Street. Whatever medical concern you may have, there will be a professional on Harley Street who can help. This is certainly the case for neurology. Dr Dominic Paviour is one Neurologist Harley Street London patients can visit. It is possible to self-refer or arrange a referral via your GP or other specialist. Finding the right treatment, diagnosis or support is vital for managing any neurological symptoms.

Do you need to see a Neurologist?

It is possible to see a neurologist without a GP referral. However, most patients do get a referral from their GP. This is because your GP can also consider other non-neurological conditions that may need ruling out. Research suggests as many as 1 in 6 people live with a neurological condition and this often requires insight and medical treatment from a neurologist.

Symptoms such as persistent headaches, dizzy spell or seizures can lead to a neurology referral.

Finding a Neurologist Harley Street London

Harley Street is known as a hub of medical centres, clinics and practices. It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a specialist. The large number of practices should not put you off and you may be able to find recommendations from other medical professionals or even people you know who have received neurological treatment. You can also use the internet to browse listings of practices and find a suitable clinic or specialist.

The Medical History of Harley Street

Harley Street has a proud medical history and is renowned across the United Kingdom and even further afield. In 1860 there were approximately 20 medical practices on Harley Street, a large number in itself. Over 200 doctors practiced in the street at this time. Move forward to now and you’ll find an astonishing 5000 medical specialists and professionals working in premises in thee Harley Street Medical Area. This also incorporates some adjoining and side streets as the medical facilities have grown over time.

Dr Paviour: Neurologist Harley Street London

Dr Paviour is a highly experienced consultant neurologist who works in locations across London. He has clinic appointments available on Harley Street at the London Clinic. Dr Paviour’s appointments here run on alternate Friday afternoons allowing patients in the area to book in and discuss their clinical needs. Get in touch today to book an appointment at an upcoming clinic. You can also explore this website to see other clinic locations.

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