Visiting a specialist medical professional can be daunting and this is the case with neurology as much as any other medical area. Once you have a referral to a consultant neurologist, it is understandable you may want to know how the consultation and appointments work.

Dr Paviour has many consultations every week and each one is different. Your London neurology appointment will be unique to your own experiences and symptoms. However, there are some things that are similar so you can prepare yourself for the experience. Dr Paviour also works to ensure all patients receive unparalleled patient-centred care with a route to diagnosis and treatment at the heart of all consultations.

What to expect at your consultation?

Once you have a referral to Dr Paviour you do not need to worry unduly. You can expect a thorough and sensitive exploration of any neurological symptoms and also your medical history. Dr Paviour will go through your main symptoms and discuss and review any pre-existing or previous medical conditions. You will have the opportunity to discuss any medication or treatment plans you’re currently on. You may also want to discuss your personal and family medical history if relevant.

Neurological Medical Examination

Your consultant is likely to also include a medical examination. The medical examinations for neurology focus in on the function of the nervous system. may include muscle strength and coordination tests as well as examination of sensation, balance, vision, and eye movement. Speech, language function and mental function examination may also be necessary. Each consultation is entirely tailored to the individual and the testing will reflect this too.

Dr Paviour and his team may need to organise further tests, or it may be possible to suggest a diagnosis from your initial appointment. It is the first step in finding treatment or a cure for your neurological symptoms. Many symptoms are connected to diagnosable conditions, while others may be quick to cure or manage.

Most initial consultations last around thirty minutes but further appointments are usually shorter. Most patients will also attend at least one follow-up appointment to organise their treatment plan or receive test results.

Booking your London Neurology Appointment

Making an appointment with Dr Paviour is straightforward. He runs private and NHS clinics in London. Private patient appointments are at the Parkside Hospital, HCA and The London Clinic. You can get in touch with his team directly to arrange an appointment.