A referral to neurology can be worrying, but it is the next step towards treatment. A consultant neurologist in the UK can provide you with further diagnostic testing and help plan treatment. A consultant neurologist is an experienced doctor who specialises in disorders of the nervous system. Dr Dominic Paviour is a consultant neurologist in the UK, based in London. He operates a number of clinics around London, with locations in Wimbledon, Harley Street and Chelsea on various days. This means patients can get a suitable appointment with ease. A consultation with Dr Paviour is a chance to explain your symptoms and discuss the next steps for diagnosis or treatment.

The Work of a Consultant Neurologist

Consultant neurologists manage and treat conditions relating to the nervous system and the coverings of the brain. In addition, they diagnose and treat conditions relating to the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems. This also includes the blood supply to the nervous system and related and connected muscles.

Dr Paviour treats patients with a wide range of neurological conditions and symptoms. These range from recognised conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to migraines that may be linked to other health conditions. Dr Paviour will work with you and your medical history to help find the right solutions and treatments to your symptoms.

Meet Dr Paviour

Dr Paviour graduated in 1998 after training in London, winning the Medical School Gold Medal. Following junior medical jobs in London and at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and passing his MRCP examinations, he returned to London and completed a PhD at the Institute of Neurology. He then completed specialist Neurology training in London. Dr Paviour is an honorary senior lecturer in the Neurosciences Department of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, part of St George’s University of London. In addition, Dr Paviour teaches medical students and junior doctors throughout the working week.

Dr Paviour’s regular clinics ensure he can see patients who require a neurology referral. He can also ensure patients who need additional treatment such as surgeries or referrals to other medical departments gets these quickly.

Appointments with a Consultant Neurologist in the UK

Patients can ask to for a referral to Dr Paviour if they are experiencing symptoms that require a neurologist’s input. Your GP can provide you with a referral letter, and you can make an appointment with Dr Paviour via his PA. Clinics run at multiple locations and several days each week, ensuring patients can find a slot to suit their needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.