Dr. Paviour has more than five years’ experience in neurological medicolegal practice. He prepares reports relating to personal injury and clinical negligence cases. In addition, he writes for Criminal proceedings and the Family Courts.

Medicolegal Practice

Dr. Paviour prepares reports for the Court in Civil, Criminal and Clinical negligence cases. He operates for both Claimant and Defendant with a 60/40 split. Upon completion of the written documentation, Dr. Paviour has had sample reports independently assessed for quality. This is done by instructing lawyers via the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.  Read more about Dr. Paviour’s training and experience here.

Background and Experience

Dr. Paviour has considerable clinical experience in a broad range of general neurological disorders. He sees approximately 800 new and 1200 follow up patients in his clinic every year. During his time in practice, Dr. Paviour has become a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI). He is also on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and is a member of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses.

Fees for Reports

Fees for reports in the medicolegal practice are charged at £350 per hour. However, the time taken to complete the report may depend on the type and complexity of the case. Dr Paviour may quote fees on a case by case basis. A preliminary discussion will not be subject to a fee because it will offer both parties clarity on the situation. After a preliminary discussion, Dr. Paviour will be able to confirm an approximate date that a completed report can be expected and the approximate number of hours that will be invoiced.

Contact Dr. Paviour

Dr. Paviour has a specialist interest in the management of neurological disorders in pregnancy and the neurological complications of pregnancy. His experience in medicolegal practice and proceedings means he is an expert in the field. For a preliminary fee-free discussion regarding medicolegal instructions please email Dr. Paviour.