Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. A neurologist is a medically qualified doctor dealing with such conditions. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease that involve the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems.

Neurologists also manage neurology conditions that affect;

  • The coverings of the brain (the meninges)
  • The blood supply of the nervous system and muscles (as these are controlled by the nervous system)

Neurologists in the UK often develop an interest in particular neurological disorders. These could be dementia, movement disorders, headaches or epilepsy. Sleep disorders, chronic pain management, or neuromuscular diseases are also areas of focus. However, neurologists in the UK, who are on the GMC specialist register for neurology, will have had comprehensive training in all of these areas.

Advice about Neurology

Common reasons for seeking advice might be because you have one or a range of symptoms. A headache, numbness or weakness or unsteadiness could be a sign of a neurological condition. Transient loss of consciousness or awareness (“fits” or “faints”), tremors or memory disorders may also be a sign.

A neurologist may refer the patient to a neurosurgeon when surgical intervention is required.  Dr Paviour has a close working relationship with a number of colleagues in neurology and can advise on the best person to see if that is required.

About Dr Paviour – Neurology Expert

Dr Dominic Paviour is an expert in neurology based in London. He welcomes both private and NHS patients to his clinics. He graduated in 1998 after training in London, during which time he won the Medical School Gold Medal. Following junior medical jobs in London and at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and passing his MRCP examinations, he returned to London and completed a PhD at the Institute of Neurology. He then completed specialist Neurology training in London.

Dr Paviour is an honorary senior lecturer in the Neurosciences Department of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, part of St George’s University of London. Dr Paviour teaches medical students and junior doctors throughout the working week.

Contact Dr Dominic Paviour

If you need to see a neurology expert in London, Dr Paviour is a highly qualified and knowledgeable consultant who will discuss all your needs. You can email, phone 020 7042 1850 or send a message via our contact us page.