If you think you need a neurologist in Chelsea, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are lots of options out there; you just need to find the one that is right for you. Whether you have a referral from a GP or not, you can choose the neurologist that you see. So it’s worth shopping around to find one that you like and can work with.


When To See A Neurologist

If you are suffering from neurological symptoms like headaches, seizures or dizziness, then a neurologist may be able to help you. It is worth a visit to the GP first. This is to rule out any other conditions. Around 17% of people suffer from a neurological condition, so it’s not uncommon. A neurologist can help you to manage your symptoms. They will be able to offer a much higher level of support than your GP as they are specialised in disorders of the nervous system.


How To Find A Neurologist In Chelsea

If you know that you want to see a neurologist in a specific area, then you can start by looking for hospitals or clinics that you are happy to attend. For example, HCA Sydney Street. Then you can see which doctors run clinics at this venue. After that, it’s just a matter of picking one you feel comfortable with. It is crucial to select a doctor that you can talk to. Diagnosing and treating neurological conditions depends on the doctor getting a good understanding of precisely what you are experiencing.


Dr Paviour

Dr Paviour is a highly regarded and experienced neurologist in Chelsea. He has appointments at HCA Sydney Street. He is highly rated not only by his peers but most importantly, by his patients. If you need a neurologist in Chelsea, then you should make an appointment today to speak to him. He will work with you to help you feel better.