If you have just been told that you need to see a neurologist in Wimbledon, then you have a lot of choices. You can pick which doctor you want to see. So you can find one that you feel comfortable with and who will give you the care and attention you deserve.

When Do You Need to See A Neurologist

You may have spoken to a GP about your symptoms. If they believe that there is a neurological explanation, they will give you a referral. You don’t need a referral to see a neurologist. However, it is a good idea to see your GP first, as they can rule out conditions you might not be aware of. You can see a neurologist if you are looking for a diagnosis for your symptoms. If you already have a diagnosis, they may be able to work with you to help you control your condition better.

One in every six people has symptoms of a neurological condition, so you don’t need to feel alone. Neurologists specialise in problems related to the brain and nervous system. This means that they treat wide-ranging conditions.

How to Find A Neurologist Based In Wimbledon

Finding a neurologist might seem daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be. Start by choosing a hospital or clinic you are happy with. For example, Parkside Hospital. Then find a listing of doctors who work out of this site. You can then narrow your choices by looking at reviews and recommendations.

Dr Paviour

Dr Paviour is a revered neurologist based in Wimbledon. He is an excellent doctor with years of experience. He works to keep himself up to date in his field, and he always puts his patients first. IF you need to speak to a neurologist, then you will be in safe hands with Dr Paviour. Make an appointment today, and he will help you to get control of your symptoms.