If you think you need to find a neurologist in Wimbledon, then there are a few things you should know. Consider the following questions in the post below, then, if you need to, go ahead and make an appointment with a Wimbledon based neurologist.

What is a neurologist?

A neurologist is a doctor who has chosen to specialise in problems with the brain and nervous system. These doctors take on extra training after completing their standard medical training. A neurologist that has more years of experience may be a consultant neurologist.

Neurologists can diagnose illnesses and disorders. They also plan and manage treatment plans.

What conditions can neurologists help with?

Neurologists can help you to deal with symptoms such as dizziness, changes in coordination and muscle weakness. People who are experienced trouble with their senses, such as touch, sight and smell may also need to see a neurologist.

If you suffer from conditions such as migraines, seizures or a degenerative disorder, then a neurologist should be involved in your care.

Who can see a neurologist?

If you want to see a neurologist you can make an appointment with any private neurologists. However, it is recommended that you get a referral from your GP first. This is to make sure that you are seeing the right specialist for your problem. If you know that you need a neurologist then go ahead and make an appointment.

Find a neurologist in Wimbledon to make an appointment with

Dr Dominic Paviour is a consultant neurologist based in London. If you need to find a neurologist in Wimbledon, then he is a great option. Dr Paviour runs regular clinics in Wimbledon. He is based in Parkside hospital and has a clinic every Monday evening and on alternate Thursday mornings. Why not book an appointment today.