If you have been told by your GP that you need to see a neurologist, or you are looking for a new neurologist there is a lot to consider. Your first step was probably to Google neurologist near me. Now that you have a list of some of them you need to know what to look for. Here is some information that will help you to make your decision.

When Do You Need A Neurologist

You need a neurologist if you are suffering from a condition that affects your brain or nervous system.  You should first see you GP if you think you have a condition like this. They will rule out any other conditions that might be causing your problems. If you are going through the NHS you will need a referral. Even if you are going private then it is still worth getting a referral from your GP first.

What To Look For In A Neurologist Near Me

Finding a neurologist who works at a location near you is a start. It would be best if you then looked for a neurologist near me who has plenty of experience; a consultant neurologist will be more experienced. A good doctor will keep themselves up to date with the most recent advances in their field. Patient reviews are also an excellent indicator of the kind of experience you can expect to have

What Next

If, when you did your search for neurologist near me you got The London Clinic, Parkside Hospital or HCA Sydney street, then the neurologist you should look for is Dr Dominic Paviour. He is an experienced consultant neurologist with excellent patient reviews. Dr Paviour can assess and manage a wide range of neurological treatments. He works with you to get you the treatment you need. Why not make an appointment today?