Having a seizure can be a scary experience. If you have one seizure it doesn’t mean you will have more. However, it’s important to investigate the cause of your seizure to evaluate how likely it is that you may have another one. With a seizure diagnosis London, you can see if there is anything that can be done to prevent future seizures.

Tests for seizure diagnosis London

There are lots of tests available to help with the diagnosis.

The first step will be a neurological exam. A specialist neurologist will observe your behaviour as well as your mental and physical abilities. From this, they can identify if there might be an underlying neurological problem.

Blood tests can be used to test for any genetic conditions, infections or imbalances in your blood sugar or electrolytes. If your doctor thinks that an infection was the cause of your seizure, then they may do a lumbar puncture.

There are lots of different scans that your doctor may use. Each different scan allows the doctor to analyse different things about your brain and the way it is working. An EEG looks at the electrical activity in your brain. An MRI, a PET or a CT scan shows the structure of your brain, which can show if there are any growths or damage. A SPECT scan will show how the blood is flowing in your brain.

Your doctor will use their knowledge and experience to identify which test will be most useful in identifying the cause of your seizures.

What to do if you have a seizure

If you have a seizure, you should seek medical attention. You can seek the advice of a neurologist directly. If you are in London why not make an appointment with Dr Dominic Paviour for seizure diagnosis London. He runs several clinics in London and will be able to help you find the cause of your seizure.