If you suffer from seizures then getting the cause diagnosed is important. There are lots of different types of seizure and an epilepsy diagnosis London is essential to find out more about your condition and treatment plan.

Types of Epileptic Seizures

Simple Partial Seizures – during these seizures, you will remain awake and aware, but you will experience strange sensations and feelings.

Complex Partial Seizures – during these seizures, you will lose your awareness of your surrounds and begin to make random movements. After the seizure, you will have no memory of what happened.

Tonic-Clonic Seizures – These are the classic epileptic seizures. If you have one of these your body will become stiff and then your body will begin to jerk.

Absence Seizures – In these seizures, you lose awareness of your surroundings. You won’t remember what happened during the seizure. It can last up to 15 seconds.

Status – These seizures are the most dangerous. They are prolonged or repeated with not moments of consciousness in between.

How Epilepsy is Diagnosed

If the specialist that you are referred to suspects that you may have epilepsy there are a few tools they can use to find a diagnosis.

The most common test that is used to determine if you have epilepsy is an EEG –  an electroencephalogram. To perform this test sensors will be placed on your scalp. These sensors detect the electrical activity in your brain cells.

An MRI scan can be used to see if there are any structural damage that may be responsible for epilepsy. This scan can find tumours, signs of a stroke or scarring.

Where to go for Epilepsy Diagnosis London

If you are having repeated seizures, and you want to get a diagnosis quickly you will need to see a specialist neurologist. Dr Dominic Paviour is an experienced neurologist. He runs several clinics in London. If you book an appointment today you will be able to get the help you need and get control back over your life.