Seizures can be scary to experience. They can also be scary for those around you. If you have one seizure it doesn’t always mean that you will have more. It is always worth having any seizures fully investigated and if necessary explore al the treatment options available.

Types of Seizure

Seizures can be split into two general types. Partial seizures and generalised seizures. Partial seizures are localised to one part of the brain. The effects depend on which bit of the brain is affected. It is possible not to notice if you have a partial seizure, equally you might lose awareness of everything around you. Generalised seizures affect both sides of your brain. They will cause you to lose consciousness.

Both types of seizure can last for moments or minutes. They can cause you to lose control of your body. Both types of seizure can have various triggers.

Types of Seizure Treatments in London

The most common type of treatment for seizure is an antiseizure medication. Finding the right seizure medication and the right dosage can take some time. Around 40% of patients find the right medication on the first try.

If anti-seizure medication doesn’t work, then there are a few alternative options. The first thing to try is to identify triggers for your seizures so that you can avoid them where possible. Other options include surgery, Vegas nerve stimulation and even dietary changes.

Fiding the right treatment option can take time. The best option for getting seizure treatments in London is to work with an experienced neurologist.

Getting Seizure Treatments in London

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