Migraines are considered one of the most debilitating neurological conditions in the world. If you suffer from them or think you may be suffering from them, then getting a migraine diagnosis in London is essential. Furthermore, help in managing them can make a huge impact on your quality of life.

What are migraines?

Migraines are an area of active research at the moment, and in the last few years, there have been a lot of advances in our understanding of what is happening. We now know that migraines come in four stages although not everyone will experience all of the stages.

The first stage is like a warning. The brain becomes flooded with dopamine. This can have different effects on different people, including things like food cravings or even yawning.

The second stage is the Aura stage. This is where people experience either visual or even physical auras. This can be seeing extra colours around objects, blind spots, or tingling sensations.

The third stage is the pain. The pain is often across felt in the temples or the face. It can be debilitating, and can often be accompanied by nausea.

The final stage is almost like a hangover. The continued bad effects of the migraine can be felt for days after.

How are migraines diagnosed?

There are no specific diagnostic tests for migraines. So it is not always simple to get a migraine diagnosis in London. They are most commonly diagnosed by talking about your symptoms with an experienced neurologist. In your consultation, the neurologist will often look for patterns in your descriptions. Migraines are complex, and the symptoms are not the same for every person which is what can make them so difficult and at times scary.

Where to go for migraine diagnosis in London

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