Neurologists are experts in dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Dr Dominic Paviour provides professional and expert care for patients suffering from neurological disorders. He understands that it’s never easy to approach a doctor about unusual symptoms. However, it’s really important to diagnose the patient as soon as possible, so that care and management can better the lives of those suffering. What are the benefits of a private consultant neurologist in London?

Seeing the symptoms

Neurologists are able to investigate patients potential disorders by assessing a broad range of symptoms. Because of the neurologist’s experience, it won’t be something they’ve not seen before. Symptoms can be headaches, dizziness, inflammation of the nervous system, neurodegeneration, epilepsy, peripheral nerve or muscle issues and problems with movement.

Furthermore, Dr Paviour has detailed descriptions of each disorder that you can use to understand more about your condition after your consultation.

Peace of Mind

Having a private consultant neurologist in London can give you peace of mind. Therefore if you’re worried about your symptoms or have a disorder that’s difficult to manage, private doctors can give you ample amounts of time and support. Not only this but private practises can sometimes jump you up waiting lists and are able to return results quicker. Therefore, you’re able to put your mind at rest and feel secure and comforted.

Private consultant neurologist located in London

Do you have more questions about finding a private consultant neurologist located in London? Are you getting symptoms of neurological disorders? Call Dr Paviour today on 020 7042 1850 and book your consultation at one of his London locations.