Attending an appointment with a neurologist in Chelsea is something you will be ready for. However, this does not detract from the worry it can cause. It understandable if you are suffering from undiagnosed symptoms that you have concerns. This is why fast and person-centred care from an experienced neurologist in Chelsea can make all the difference. Residents and those who work in Chelsea have great access to a wide range of medical professionals and this includes experienced neurologists like Dr Paviour.

Understanding Neurology

Neurology is the diagnosis and managing of diseases and conditions affecting the nervous system. These include conditions which affect the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous around the body. Dr Paviour can help with neurological conditions and can make referrals to neurosurgical colleagues where surgical treatment is necessary.

Outpatient Clinics with a Consultant Neurologist in Chelsea

Outpatient clinics with consultant neurologists give patients the chance to discuss their symptoms. New patients can get an initial assessment of their condition and arrange further tests where needed. Patients may find they require further scanning and diagnostic tests before any treatment decisions can be made. Dr Paviour works to ensure all outpatient appointments are as comfortable and relaxed as possible for patients. Their care and well being is at the heart of all decisions made. Equally, patients receive all the information they need before making any decisions.

Dr Paviour’s Clinics

Dr Paviour runs clinics at locations across the area. Clinics run at Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon on Monday evenings. They also run at Spire St Anthony’s Hospital in Sutton on Wednesdays, HCA Sydney Street in Chelsea on Thursdays and The London Clinic on alternate Fridays. The range of clinic appointments available ensures Dr Paviour is able to deal with a wide range of patients at times to suit their needs. You can discuss arranging an appointment with his team via our contact page.