Neurology is the branch of medicine which deals with the nervous system and related disorders. This can include mild symptoms to chronic conditions and visiting a neurology private consultant is a good idea for anyone suffering unusual and prolonged symptoms. You may feel worried or uncomfortable and not know what to do, but finding the right medical help is the best place to start.

There are many symptoms which may warrant referral to a neurology private consultant. Below we’re looking at some of the most common ones.


Headaches can be irritating but when they are chronic, regular or interrupt your daily life then further investigation may be necessary. A private neurology consultant can help to define the type of headache you are experiencing and whether it is related to any other health problems. Migraine is one form of headache which can be debilitating and can be treated successfully by a neurology private consultant.

Dizzy Spells

If you experience dizzy spells, with or without fainting, then you should consider visiting a private neurologist. Symptoms of dizziness include fuzziness, lightheaded feelings, problems with your vision and nausea. Spinning and swaying are also common symptoms. Dizziness can be linked to a range of neurological problems, so further testing is a good idea.


A tremor is an unwanted quiver or shivering feeling in any part of the body. They are most common in the arms and legs but can occur anywhere. They are usually caused by a problem in the area of the brain where muscles are controlled. This classes as a neurological issue as it relates directly to the nervous system.

Grip Problems

Numbness in the hands resulting in difficulty gripping can be a neurological problem. This problem is usually a block or issue in the messages from your brain to your body. Damage to the median nerve, usually caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, is one of the key reasons people experience grip problems. A neurologist can help to treat this kind of problem too.

These are just some examples of common symptoms which may require specialist assessment and treatment from a neurologist.

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