Recognising you need the treatment and advice of a neurologist is not a quick decision and comes with the support of your GP in most cases. Finding the best neurologist in London or in your local area involves some research and while you may have a recommendation from your GP, it is understandable you may want to do your own research too.

A neurologist specialises in patients who need assessment and treatment of conditions in the brain, nervous system and spinal cord. The nervous system incorporates many organs and tissues throughout the body, so it is important the best neurologists with the most experience work with patients to help alleviate and treat any symptoms experienced. Neurologists treat conditions such as encephalitis, genetic disorders, meningitis, seizures, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Your Neurology Consultation

Once you’ve found the best neurologist in London for your particular condition, it’s time to arrange your consultation. The consultation process is designed to help the neurologist ascertain the status of your condition and help with the diagnostic process, if necessary.

Patients often experience symptoms such as headaches, migraine, blackouts, seizure, dizzy spells, tingling, weakness, fatigue, memory loss and speech problems. Symptoms like these can of course be extremely worrying which is why the right medical treatment and assessment is essential as quickly as possible. Once you meet with your neurologist and go through your assessment, covering symptoms, a medical examination and medical history, many patients require further testing.

Testing for Neurological Conditions

The tests any patient needs will depend on their symptoms and condition. Depending on the symptoms you may require blood tests, MRI scanning of the brain, EEG testing which involves electrical recording of brain waves or EMG testing which involves the electrical recording of muscles and nerves. Further specialist tests such as lumbar puncture, muscle biopsies and nerve biopsies may also be necessary.

Appointments with Dr Paviour

You can make an appointment with Dr Paviour, a leading London-based neurologist, through his practice managers, Gayle Goodwin and Amy Troke. Contact them via telephone on 020 7042 1850 or email on: or