Consultant Neurologist The London Clinic – Dr Dominic Paviour

Dr Paviour has a private practice located at The London Clinic where he provides patients with the correct advice, guidance and treatment related to all Neurological Disorders. Every patient benefits from the way in which Dr Paviour approaches his work and that means that all patients will receive the correct level of care and treatment that they require at The London Clinic.

His experience and knowledge of Neurological Disorders come from obtaining a PhD at the Institute of Neurology as well as the specialist Neurology training he received in London. His expertise and research in this area have won him many awards, highlighting his commitment to the care and treatment of every patient.

When patients arrive at his clinic they receive a service that gives them the confidence to trust in his guidance and ability to recommend the right treatment that fits their requirements. This level of care and attention enables Dr Paviour to offer advanced treatments while assisting patients in managing their neurological conditions. Every patient is fully assessed allowing Dr Paviour to gain a greater understanding of the problem and the correct approach to adopt dependent on the needs of the patient. Every patient will benefit from confidentiality and a level of attention that is focused on providing patients with the care they require.


Degrees and Other Qualifications:

FRCP London


PhD Institute of Neurology, UCL, University of London


MBBS Proxime accessit to University of London Gold Medal


United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Gold Medal


BSc First Class Honours – Neurosciences – University of London 1995



The Association of British Neurologists (ABN)

The American academy of Neurology (AAN)

The Movement Disorder Society

The British Association for the Study of Headache

The International Headache Society

Medical Defence union

The British Medical Association

Prizes and Awards:


  • Proxime Accessit to the University of London Medal
  • UMDS Gold Medal and Prize
    • Distinctions in:Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Clinical Pharmacology, Pathology and Anatomy
  • Medical School Prizes:
    • The Novartis Prize for Neurology
    • The Hadden Memorial Prize
    • The Mead Medal and Perkins Prize for Medicine
    • The Treasurers Medal and Tewfick Prize for Surgery
    • The Phillip Evans Prize for Paediatrics
    • The Leonard Lubbock and Prunty Prize for Chemical Pathology


  • Young Scientists Best Poster Award: 10th International Conference on Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, Kyoto, Japan – October 2006.
  • London Deanery “Leadership, teamwork and innovation within the changing face of the NHS” – March 2011

Dr Paviour – Consultant Neurologist The London Clinic

Dr Paviour has dedicated is time to researching treatment and diagnosis of neurological conditions, all of which helps to provide patients with an exceptional level of care. Dr Paviour puts patients at ease during the first consultation, where he will carry out a thorough assessment that lasts for around 30 minutes. The aim is to learn about the medical history and the family medical history of every patient.

He then talks about the symptoms and carries out a physical examination. The appointment will also provide Dr Paviour with the opportunity to identify any additional tests that might be required along with scans in order to seek out the cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing. Follow up appointments then provide Dr Pavious with the opportunity to put a treatment plan in place that is tailored to the need of every patient.

In some cases, surgical treatment might be required and so, as part of the recommendation, patients are put in touch with highly regarded neurosurgical teams. Dr Paviour aims to find the right treatment for every patient by adopting a methodical and logical approach to treatment.

Trusted and Professional Consultant Neurologist

In 2006, Dr Paviour completed his PhD and has since had papers published in recognised neurology and general medical journals, all of which have been reviewed by his peers. He is also recognised in the field of degenerative movement disorders where much of his research has been published.

His work is recognised and his role as a principal investigator of studies based on Parkinson’s Disease proves that he is committed to finding a cure and providing the right treatments for patients. His clinical research in Parkinson’s disease is also internationally recognised. Dr Paviour is a dedicated specialist who focuses on the very best treatment and care of every patient he treats.

Book Your Consultant Neurologist At The London Clinic

To book a consultation with Dr Dominic Paviour at The London Clinic please contact his PA here.

Dr Dominic Paviour - Consultant Neurologist


Head Practice Manager:
Kjai Kanone



Head Practice Manager
Kjai Kanone



Tel: 020 7042 1850

Fax: 020 7042 1851


Tel: 020 7042 1850
Fax: 020 7042 1851

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