When it comes to seeking neurological care, it can be a daunting experience. Being referred to a neurology specialist by your GP suggests that some underlying symptoms require detailed investigation. In such cases, many London residents choose Dr Dominic Paviour, a private consultant neurologist renowned for his extensive experience and accessible clinics throughout London.

Dr Paviour excels in delivering patient-centred care, ensuring that individuals receive prompt diagnostic evaluations and necessary treatments. His impressive network within the medical community also facilitates swift referrals to neurosurgical and other specialised services when needed.

More About Dr Dominic Paviour

Dr Paviour’s expertise as a private consultant neurologist  allows him to work in private practice and for the NHS. He completed his medical training in London, graduating with honours in 1998 and receiving the Medical School Gold Medal. Following his initial postgraduate years in Oxford and London, Dr Paviour achieved his MRCP and later earned a PhD from the Institute of Neurology. He continued to specialise in neurology in London, gaining substantial experience in the field.

Dr Paviour is particularly focused on Parkinson’s Disease and related movement disorders, serving as the clinical lead for Movement Disorders at the Atkinson Morley Regional Neurosciences Centre.

Choosing Your Private Consultant Neurologist

Opting for private neurological care can expedite diagnosis and treatment, enhancing your overall health management. Selecting the right private consultant neurologist is crucial to ensure comfort and confidence in your healthcare journey. Dr Dominic Paviour stands out due to his years of dedicated service and expertise in managing conditions such as migraines, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

During your initial consultation with Dr Paviour, he will thoroughly assess your symptoms and review any prior health issues. He will also consider any familial health patterns that could be relevant. A comprehensive physical examination focused on neurological function is part of his approach to diagnose and formulate a personalised treatment plan.

Book an Appointment with Your Private Consultant Neurologist in London

Dr Dominic Paviour operates frequent clinics across various London locations, offering flexible appointment times to accommodate most schedules. To learn more about Dr Paviour’s services or to schedule a consultation, you can get in touch directly.