When faced with neurological concerns, seeking the expertise of a consultant neurologist is crucial for accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and comprehensive care. Dr Dominic Paviour, a highly experienced consultant neurologist at OneWelbeck, offers a compassionate and patient-centred approach to managing a wide range of neurological conditions.

OneWelbeck London

OneWelbeck is one of the country’s largest private specialist facilities for diagnostics, therapies and minimally invasive surgery. Patients can book for a wide range of different specialisms including neurology with Dr Dominic Paviour.

Dr Dominic Paviour: A Neurologist with Expertise

Dr Dominic Paviour graduated in 1998 after training in London. He also won the Medical School Gold Medal. Following junior medical jobs in London, he worked at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital. Once he passed his MRCP examinations, he returned to London and completed a PhD at the Institute of Neurology. Next, he completed specialist neurology training in London.

Dr Paviour is an honorary senior lecturer in the Neurosciences Department of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which is part of St George’s University of London. In addition, Dr Paviour teaches medical students and junior doctors throughout the working week.

Dr Paviour has a busy private practice, helping patients get quick access to a neurology appointment. Patients can quickly be seen, get a diagnosis and be referred for further testing or to similarly qualified professionals in other medical fields if necessary.

Addressing Neurological Concerns with Comprehensive Care

Dr Paviour’s practice encompasses a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, including:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Movement disorders
  • Other neurological conditions: Dr Paviour also addresses a range of other neurological concerns, including memory problems, neuropathy, and neuro-ophthalmology.

Patients can attend clinic appointments pre-diagnosis and Dr Paviour can help to fully examine and understand your symptoms before working with you to create a suitable treatment plan.

Patient-Centered Approach to Neurological Care

Dr. Paviour’s approach to neurology is deeply patient-centred. He prioritises understanding each patient’s unique experiences, concerns, and goals. His consultations are thorough, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of symptoms and the development of personalized treatment plans.

Booking an appointment with your Consultant Neurologist at OneWelbeck

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dominic Paviour at OneWelbeck, patients can either seek a referral from their GP or contact his practice directly. His experienced team is available to guide patients through the process and ensure a seamless experience.

Dr Paviour’s clinics at OneWelbeck run on alternate Thursday and Friday mornings so you can find an appropriate time for your consultation. Book in today.