If you need to visit a neurologist, you may be experiencing some worrying symptoms. It is vital to attend your appointments to ensure you can get the right treatment. Dr Dominic Paviour is a consultant neurologist UK patients may visit to discuss their symptoms and find the right treatment. Dr Dominic Paviour is a consultant neurologist based in London. He operates a number of clinics to ensure patients can receive the best level of care. This means patients can get a suitable appointment with ease. A consultation with Dr Paviour is a chance to explain your symptoms, arrange any necessary testing and begin treatment if necessary.

What does a neurologist do?

Consultant neurologists manage and treat conditions relating to the nervous system and the coverings of the brain, medically known as the meninges. They also diagnose and treat conditions relating to the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems. This also includes the blood supply to the nervous system and related and any connected muscles.

Dr Paviour treats patients with a wide range of neurological conditions and symptoms. These range from diagnosable conditions such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to migraine and symptoms that may indicate other health conditions. Book an appointment with Dr Paviour is an opportunity to fully assess your neurological symptoms.

Dr Paviour’s experience and training

Dr Dominic Paviour graduated in 1998 after training in London. He also won the Medical School Gold Medal. Following junior medical jobs in London, he worked at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital. Once he passed his MRCP examinations, he returned to London and completed a PhD at the Institute of Neurology. Next, he completed specialist neurology training in London.

Dr Paviour is an honorary senior lecturer in the Neurosciences Department of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which is part of St George’s University of London. In addition, Dr Paviour teaches medical students and junior doctors throughout the working week.

Dr Paviour has a busy private practice, helping patients get quick access to a neurology appointment. Patients can quickly be seen, get a diagnosis and be referred for further testing or to similarly qualified professionals in other medical fields if necessary.

Booking an Appointment with Consultant Neurologist UK

Your GP can provide a referral to neurology. You can then pass this onto Dr Paviour’s team and arrange an appointment to suit your needs. Dr Paviour can help both insured and self-funding patients and you can discuss your circumstances with his PA to ensure all the information is known in advance. Contact Dr Paviour’s PA to schedule an appointment.