There’s more to Wimbledon than the world famous tennis championships currently underway. Wimbledon is a district of South West London with a population of nearly 70,000. If you live in the area then finding reliable local services is a must, and if you require specialist medical services such as neurology, the provision in Wimbledon is great. Dr Dominic Paviour is a private neurologist Wimbledon residents can be referred to. You may get a referral from your GP or possibly even self-refer.

When do you need to see a Neurologist?

Neurology is the specialised medical department that deals with conditions of the brain and spinal cord. Neurologists also deal with peripheral nerves and related muscles. If you have seen your GP about a symptom and they believe it could be neurological, visiting a neurologist is your next step.

Neurological conditions are more common than you might think. It is possible to link a wide range of different symptoms to neurology including dizziness, headache and memory loss. A neurologist can look more closely at your symptoms and help with diagnosis if necessary and also a treatment plan.

Finding a Neurologist in Wimbledon

After your GP makes your neurology referral you may want to explore your options. You may have a preferred clinic or practice or be interested in exploring what choices there are. Dr Paviour offers neurology clinic appointments in Wimbledon. His experience ensures patients get the highest level of care and professional knowledge combined.

Appointments with Dr Paviour give you the chance to discuss your main symptoms. He will also review your medical history and explore anything from your history that may be relevant. Dr Paviour will also carry out a physical examination to get a full understanding of any neurological symptoms. Sometimes you may need more tests to get a full diagnosis and Dr Paviour will arrange any additional scans and tests a quickly as possible.

Dr Paviour runs private neurologist clinics in Wimbledon and has patients who self-fund and utilise insurance payment packages.

Appointments with Dr Paviour: Private Neurologist Wimbledon

Dr Paviour is a highly experience consultant neurologist who offers appointments in Wimbledon. He also has clinics in other London locations ensuring a wide range of patients can benefit from his expertise.

Dr Paviour runs clinics in Wimbledon every Monday evening and alternate Thursday mornings. His Wimbledon clinics run from Parkside Hospital and you can get in touch to book an appointment.