Attending appointments with a consultant neurologist can be something you’re nervous about. Your GP referring you to neurology means there are some symptoms that need checking out in further depth. The consultant neurologist London patients visit may be Dr Dominic Paviour. Dr Paviour is a highly experienced private consultant neurologist with clinics across London. His range of clinics allows patients to fit an appointment into their schedule.

Dr Paviour has a fantastic track record of person-centred practice that sees patients quickly able to access the diagnostic testing and treatment they need. Dr Paviour also has a great network of contacts in the medical world, allowing for quick referral for neurosurgery and to other related departments if necessary.

More about Dr Paviour

Dr Paviour is a highly experienced consultant neurologist London patients may choose to visit. He graduated in 1998 after training in London and won the Medical School Gold Medal. He passed his MRCP examinations after junior doctor roles in both Oxford and London. Dr Paviour also completed his PhD at the Institute of Neurology and further specialist neurology training in London.

He has a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease and related Movement Disorders. He is also clinical lead for Movement Disorders at the Atkinson Morley Regional Neurosciences Centre.

Choosing your Consultant Neurologist

Seeking private support for neurological symptoms is understandable. You may want to speed up the process of diagnosis or access treatment more swiftly. It is no disservice to the NHS to choose private medical treatment and finding a consultant neurologist you are comfortable with may require looking at a range of different doctors.

Dr Paviour has many years of experience in supporting patients with various medical conditions. These include migrainesmultiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Dr Paviour will undertake an initial consultation to understand the nature of the main symptoms you experience. He will also review any previous medical problems you may have had and enquire about current and past medical treatments.

Dr Paviour may enquire about any conditions that run in the family. You will have a physical examination which will focus on the functioning of the nervous system. This may also lead to diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Book an Appointment with your Consultant Neurologist London

Dr Paviour has regular clinics across London at different locations. Appointments run most days of the week at a range of times so most people should be able to book in at a time that suits their schedule. For more information or to book a consultation, simply contact us by clicking here.

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