Finding a suitable neurologist for referral will depend on your location and availability. The consultant neurologist UK patients choose may be based on their experience or it could simply be down to location. Therefore, London patients may consider Dr Dominic Paviour as a trusted option for their neurology referral. Dr Paviour works in different locations across London. Therefore he is a viable choice for patients in the area who need to explore their neurological symptoms in more depth.

Dr Paviour is a highly regarded and skilled London based Consultant Neurologist. He has a vast and deep understanding of neurological conditions. His patient-centric approach and rapport helps patients feel at ease. This also enables him to discuss symptoms because, provided with the right information, a neurologist can make an effective diagnosis.

Diagnosing and treating neurological conditions relies upon your neurologist’s understanding of your symptoms. Full disclosure as well as neurological medical tests will be vital.

 How will your consultant neurologist help?

A consultant neurologist has specialist qualifications to diagnose and treat neurological symptoms and disorders of the nervous system. A consultant neurologist can diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological diseases and conditions. Any condition that involves the central, peripheral, or autonomic nervous system is something your neurologist can help with. Neurologists also provide diagnosis and treatment for conditions of the blood supply of the nervous system and muscles within it.

Your neurologist will help by carrying out a full examination and scheduling further tests if necessary. Next, your symptoms can be fully assessed to make a diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis, you can find the right treatment plan. This could include medication, therapies and in some instances, you may need neurological surgery. You can discuss all your options and treatment plans with your consultant neurologist. Dr Dominic Paviour, for example, has great connections with other neurological specialists in London to ensure any treatment plan can be quickly put into action.

Dr Paviour: Consultant Neurologist UK

Patients looking for a consultant neurologist in London can consider Dr Paviour. He is a consultant neurologist working in London. He has also undertaken specialist neurology training in London and supports patients with a wide range of different neurological disorders and symptoms. Dr Paviour runs clinics in Chelsea, Wimbledon and Harley Street with various appointment times ensuring patients can find a slot to suit their schedule.

You can arrange an appointment with Dr Paviour today. Simply contact us directly