When legal proceedings are being undertaken, providing accurate reports from a Medicolegal Practice in London is essential for the case. Dr Paviour prepares reports relating to personal injury and clinical negligence cases. He also writes for Criminal proceedings and for the Family Courts.

Medicolegal, by definition and according to Collins, is involving, or relating to, both medicine and law. In legal proceedings, a report that combines the two may be required to support evidence or statements so is essential.

Dr Paviour’s Medicolegal Practice in London

Dr Dominic Paviour has almost 10 years experience of in neurological medicolegal practice. He prepares reports for the Court relating to Civil, Criminal and Clinical negligence cases. He prepares between 30-40 reports annually at his Medicolegal Practice in London. In addition, he writes for both Claimant and Defendant which he assumes with a 60/40 split.

Instructing lawyers via the UK Register of Expert Witnesses have independently assessed the quality of Dr Paviour’s reports. As a result, you can be sure of an impartially written, expertly prepared report to be used in court.

To provide additional peace of mind and confirmation of Dr Paviour’s knowledge, he is a member of a number of organisations. He is a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and the Faculty of Expert Witnesses. He is also listed on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Experience in the Medicolegal Field

Dr Paviour has attended courses on medicolegal report writing for civil cases run by established organisations. These include Bond Solon and the British Medical Association. The ProSols course that he has undertaken is endorsed by the Expert Witness Institute (EWI).

As part of his work in the Medicolegal Practice in London, Dr Paviour has undertaken report writing and Court Room Skills. This has been provided by The Royal College of Physicians and most recently with Bond Solon.

Dr Dominic Paviour has considerable clinical experience in a broad range of general neurological disorders. He sees approximately 800 new and 1200 follow up patients in his clinical practice every year.

More Information

Fees are charged at £350 per hour and the time taken to complete the report may depend on the type and complexity of the case. However, Dr Paviour does not charge for preliminary discussions so you are able to understand the process without cost.

After a preliminary discussion, Dr Paviour will be able to confirm an approximate date that a completed report can be expected and the approximate number of hours that will be invoiced.

For preliminary, fee-free discussions regarding medicolegal instructions please contact us so we can discuss your case.