Over 130,000 people in the UK have Multiple Sclerosis. The majority don’t receive a diagnosis until they’re at least 30, although their symptoms may appear much earlier. This is because the symptoms can differ from person to person. Therefore, to help bring clarity, this article is a brief introduction to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and treatments.

What are the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is a condition affecting how people see, move, think and/or feel because of nerve damage.  Because this damage affects different parts of the nervous system, people’s symptoms can vary. However, most people with Multiple Sclerosis experience difficulties with:

  • Balance/coordination
  • Bladder control
  • Body numbness/tingling
  • Fatigue
  • Mobility
  • Muscle spasms/stiffness
  • Thinking, learning, planning
  • Vision

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and treatments

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and treatments are different for each person because each person’s symptoms are different. However, a diagnosis for MS includes:

  • A neurological examination looking at vision, strength, balance, speech and reflexes.
  • Blood tests to rule out other causes.
  • An MRI scan to identify nerve damage.
  • An Evoked Potential test to monitor brainwaves.
  • A lumbar puncture to test spinal fluid.

A Neurologist will complete these tests and work with people to identify the best treatment options based on their symptoms. For example, a patient with fatigue could receive CBT to promote healthy sleep patterns while one with vision problems may be prescribed steroids. In some cases, the Neurologist will involve other professionals such as a physiotherapist for muscle problems or clinical psychologist for emotional problems.

Support for Multiple Sclerosis

For those with Multiple Sclerosis, or experiencing symptoms, specialist support is essential to ensure they manage their condition. For those living in London, this support is offered by Consultant Neurologist Dr Dominic Paviour. To find out how he can help you, contact him on 020 7042 1850 today.