If you need to see a neurologist and you want to know that you are seeing the best, then you should book private neurologist in Harley Street London. Harley Street has a long history of medical excellence, you have probably heard of it even if you don’t know why.

Why Harley Street?

Harley Street used to be a residential area. In the early 1700s it was an up and coming area. Lots of well-off families moved in. Over time, a large number of these families had children who went on to become doctors. At one time, around 35 doctors were living on the street.

Then as the city grew, it became fashionable to live further out in the leafy suburbs. So all the doctors on the street moved out and turned their former homes into businesses. So instead of lots of doctors living on Harley Street, they began to practice medicine there. The street soon became known as a centre for medical excellence.

There are now more than 5,000 specialists operating within the Harley Street area. The Howard de Walden Group manages the whole area. They own most of the property in the area and carefully decide who is allowed to have offices where. To be given a space in this section of London is now a sign of excellence.

Book Private Neurologist in Harley Street London Today

Dr Dominic Paviour is one of the doctors who has been chosen to work in this area. He has appointments at the London Clinic. He has an excellent reputation and is a consultant neurologist. You can feel reassured that you are being treated by one of London’s finest neurologists, not only because you can find him on Harley Street but because he is an excellent doctor, with years of experience who puts the needs of his patients front and centre in everything he does. If you are looking for an expert neurologist, make an appointment today.