Private consultations are a popular choice for many patients due to the speed and convenience they offer. A private referral can speed up the whole process of diagnosis and treatment and many patients referred for further neurology treatment and testing opt for private clinics. Patients looking to book a private neurologist in London can consider the services of Dr Dominic Paviour. Dr Paviour offers clinics across Central and South West London, with convenient appointment times to suit patient’s needs.

Your Private Neurology Consultation

Booking a private consultation may come with some worry and concern. However, it’s important to remember your consultant is focused on ensuring you get the right treatment for your symptoms. During your consultation at any of Dr Paviour’s clinics you will get the chance to discuss the nature of your most prominent symptoms. You can talk through your medical history and your family medical history if relevant. There will be the chance to discuss current and past medical treatments. This is important as they may impact on the current problem.

The consultation will include a physical examination. This may involve specific tests which focus on neurological symptoms. The examination will focus on the functioning of the nervous system. This will involve testing muscle strength, balance, vision and eye movements as well as muscle strength and coordination. There may be additional tests where necessary to determine which part of the nervous system is affected.

Further Testing and Treatment for Neurological Conditions

In many instances additional testing is necessary for a proper diagnosis or treatment. Towards the end of your consultation, Dr Paviour will give you information about any conditions he may think are contributing to your symptoms and discuss the next steps. You may need further investigations such as MRI and CT scanning and electrical test of the nervous system. In some cases, blood tests are necessary but all additional testing will be discussed before anything is organised. For your convenience you can choose the location of your testing. This is usually within the next few days so results are available quickly.

Private Neurologist Appointments

Dr Paviour runs clinics most evenings at a number of locations across London. You can arrange an initial appointment after GP referral by contacting his team directly on 020 7042 1850 or and